I started out using some info from Bob Schwartz, retired EE. I give him credit for his article which I have edited and modified from computer equipment specific to guitar effect specific. What to do if something wet spills on your pedal or it falls into wet whatever? The following is not guaranteed but represents years of experience. Quick, unplug it! Unless there is a likely shock hazard.

Legendary Tones

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I replaced the tuners with Schalers and the pickups with Seymour Duncan PAF strat pups plus a 5-way switch. I can’t find hardly any info on this company except​.

While we strive to make maxonfx. Of course, there’s sure to be something we’ve left out, so if you have a question or comment regarding any of our products just drop us a line by clicking on the e-mail link to the upper left: If we feel the question deserves more attention we’ll add it to this page! In the early ‘s they developed a line of compact guitar effect units and marketed them in Japan these models are currently available as the Maxon Reissue Series. The Hoshino Trading Company Ibanez soon took notice and licensed the designs from Maxon for distribution around the globe under the Ibanez brand name.

From that time up until early Maxon was responsible for the design and manufacture of many Ibanez products, including the legendary TS and TS-9 Tubescreamers, the rare and collectible Flying Pan, and the popular SoundTank series. Over the years the companies did less and less business together, until the only unit being built by Maxon was the TS-9 Reissue.

In early Maxon ceased manufacture of the TS-9 Reissue for Ibanez and began marketing several of the original Nine Series models under their own Maxon brand name. Besides different chassis the OD comes in a standard Hammond-style enclosure and weighs 1 Lbs. The position of these resistors was reversed in the current production OD-9, although their values were kept the same. Sonically, the OD-9 will have a little more gain than the OD yet each model offers the smooth, creamy, dynamic overdrive of the original TS and sound extremely similar to one another.

However, it also features a clean blend circuit that is controlled by the unit’s Drive knob at zero, the Drive knob will pass clean signal only, and overdriven signal is added as the knob position is increased. This feature allows the OD to be used as a clean booster as well as an overdrive.

Lawsuit Guitars

These are the original pickups to the pre-lawsuit ’72 Aria ES that they came out of. It’s hard to make out, but the serial number on the pickup starts with either a 3 or a 5, but I cannot be completely sure. If you are interested or have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask. This listing is for the pickups only, and they do work. Provide an amazing PAF sound that many Gibson fans are still searching for.

The shoegazey Silversun Pickups are back, both in terms of new music and in terms of local shows. “Widow’s Weeds,” which came out earlier.

An Ibanez serial number can tell you two things, year of manufacture and factory [or country] of manufacture. There is no master list to correlate to a model number, these are consecutive serialized numbers only. If you’re trying to figure out what model something is from the serial number, figure out what year it is then go to the catalog library for the corresponding year [or year before or after] to find the model.

Some models will never be found in the catalogs, that’s just the way it is. On typical Ibanez serial numbers the first 2 digits will indicate year, or the first digit will indicate the last digit of the year, but there are also some that indicate no year at all. This page is for dating Ibanez guitars built in Japan only. See the Factories heading a few paragraphs down for little info on guitars produced elsewhere.

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Maxon is the brand name used by the Nisshin Onpa company of Japan for its line of effects pedals designed for guitar and bass. Nisshin Onpa started mids as a producer of components and OEM products for guitar companies. First building guitar pickups for the Greco-brand electric guitars produced by Kanda Shokai, Nisshin Onpa in also became an effects pedal manufacturer. They created a fuzz-wah pedal that was very popular, and marketed under multiple trade names including Ibanez.

During the s Ibanez became one of the company’s main OEM customers. Nisshin Onpa also marketed its pedals under its own Maxon brand during this time. When Nisshin Onpa and Ibanez parted ways in , Nisshin Onpa began to more aggressively market its own line, expanding its line of analog pedals. Maxon now concentrates on vintage-type effects such as analog delays, analog choruses and flangers, and overdrive and distortion units.

Most of the old Ibanez Nine Series is available in Maxon form, but the pedals include improved circuitry such as true-bypass switching. Currently, [ when? Nisshin Onpa has manufactured pickups for Aria , Ibanez and Greco guitars. Greco “U” and “PU-x” pickups had an alnico V magnet. Ibanez “Super 80” pickups had a ceramic magnet.

In all of these, DC resistance is approximately 7.

Ibanez Super 70

Lawsuit guitars are high-quality copies of popular American brand name guitars like Fender and Gibson produced by Japanese companies in the s. These Japanese lawsuit guitars are of legendary quality and are highly sought after. There are still gems to be found, on eBay or Reverb for example, and a lot of these auctions are genuine, but some of these lawsuit guitars for sale are not lawsuit guitars at all. If you are interested in buying a lawsuit guitar, make sure you read through this article first and then do more research before you buy or start bidding on a guitar.

The word is abused a lot though because it drives the price of a guitar up.

Not sure what to do with this pickup. I don’t really want to change the pickups in my Les Paul because I’m quite happy with them. Ibanez and Greco Nisshin Onpa (Maxon) pickup serial number format consisting of 5 Usually, the pickup date is close to the serial date on the guitar they came with.

In fact, Maxon was the OEM original equipment manufacturer for Ibanez and actually made both the Ibanez pedals as well as its own under the Maxon name. Thankfully though, modifications were easy enough to perform to turn the TS-9 reissue into a genuine TS and many offer that service today. As tone-lovers, we were anxious to take the OD for test spin. The unit houses one 9-volt battery accessible by removing four screws on the base of the unit, which itself is approximately the same size as a typical MXR effect pedal.

An AC adapter jack is provided as well as individual quarter inch input and output jacks. A big selling point to the OD is its inclusion of the famous JRCD chip, the chip used in the original designs. In comparison, the TS-9 reissue incorporates a chip made by Toshiba that hinders the smoothness of its own tone. It will be interesting to see how the recent-issue JRCD chips sound in this circuit compared to earlier production varieties..

The manual that accompanies the OD is particularly useful as it includes not only basic operational directions, but sample settings also for use with both single and humbucking-equipped guitars. The manual provides excellent direction in using the OD both as a standalone overdrive and as a clean-boost type effect in order to drive an amplifier into further natural distortion.

A warranty card is also included and the OD is backed by a limited 3-year warranty on all non-moving parts such as transistors, while potentiometers and jacks are covered by a 1-year warranty. Housed in a heavy-gauge metal enclosure, the OD certainly feels rugged. I also have a preference for the older-style stompbox switches as used in the OD as they seem to hold up well to long-term abuse and are easy to replace if they do go down.

Maxon pickup info from a ’70s Tokai

Telecaster bridge pickup dating Created date: new, maxon pickup, — august 31 so that they really are squealing like your typical paf style. From other pickups discussion in an email from early 60s to the ibanez and greco nisshin onpa maxon buick gmc, in-depth fuel pump replacement information. Com free internet dating thirty girls, ad9 etc.

After opening it up, I discovered that it contained MAXON pickups that look like your typical PAF style, nickel covered humbuckers.

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Maxon Pedals. Dating a High School Boy In College! Jetboard. dating maxon pedals overweight dating site. It also features *real* Seymour Duncan pickups.

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The shoegazey Silversun Pickups are back, both in terms of new music and in terms of local shows. The alt-rock band formed in California in the early s, at a time when the music industry was going through a seachange. Q: How did you get into music in the first place?

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We’re big fans of Greco guitars from all their factories in Japan and you all know how much I love the Matsumoku factory guitars in particular. This Greco is an early example of what this factory was making for Greco and is a fascinating thing to dissect as it’s the link between the 60’s original and influenced guitars and the later straight up copies and replicas made for both domestic and overseas markets.

This Tele “copy” was introduced by Greco in and during it’s life it was made by Fujigen and Matsumoku and branded as Greco for both markets. These early ones had several features that were While I’ve had plenty of these earlier versions through I’ve never written about them from the point of view of how they changed to make more accurate copies as time progressed. This is “almost” the same as the Spacey Sound version we had in recently which was a ’76 version so it’s obvious things had changed by then.

Matsumoku was a cabinet making factory that entered the guitar building race in the early sixties and worked with Fijigen from and by ’65 were producing guitars for other brands like Aria and Victor. I’ve written about them plenty before if you’re interested just do a search here on my site. Well, there are a few features that make it different to later Greco versions and show that the Japanese guitar building industry was always improving and getting closer to what they were copying.

I personally don’t find these differences detracting or bad, just different and I love that they did keep changing in a quest to get better.

Demo of Vintage Ibanez Maxon and 2375-60 PIckups