The first episode drew 3. Hardly anybody believes Nikko Smith’ s story that his luggage was lost and the sex tape somehow landed in the hands of Vivid Entertainment. Viewers also find it hard to believe that Mimi is truly upset by this situation, that she’s become a porn star against her will. But alas, the supposed charade continues in this episode as Mimi and Nikko go to Vivid and make a deal to distribute the tape so they could pocket some benjamins. Naturally, Mimi’s friends Erica and Ariane wonder if Nikko was behind all this, that this was not at all an accident. Mimi meets up with Stevie J and wonders if Joseline liked her birthday gift: a stripper pole. Stevie J points out that photos of her nekkid are all over the Web and this threatens their young daughter’s well being. She responds that his penis is all over the Web, too, ahem. He says he just might try to take custody. She leaves in a huff, middle finger raised.

Bambi Benson

Bambi Benson is an urban model, video vixen, rapper and beauty entrepreneur, originally from Compton, California. In , she appeared in a supporting role on Basketball Wives LA. She joins the supporting cast in season three as Lil Scrappy ‘s new girlfriend.

coming from Scrappy and Bambi, Dixon seemed to be having a ball as she partied with Mimi Faust, who came with her new boyfriend, Nikko.

Over 15 episodes, it’s been a slow, dull sludge of a plot build up. Jessica was given some junior producer to Jermaine Dupri. So Mimi Faust appeared to be more or less doing her managerial work. I have no idea which singer is better or if either is terribly talented, but this episode spent more time with them than ever before. Jessica also meets with Margeaux and they plan to work together. Tiffany gets on Jessica’s nerves. Jessica throws a drink on Tiffany, confirming to Tiffany what a “hoodrat” Jessica is.

‘Love & Hip Hop Atlanta’ recap: season 3, episode 2

And how was Mimi — who has so far portrayed herself as being above all things “ratchet” — going to explain her, um, shower rod acrobatics? Wait, wasn’t she supposed to have kicked Mr. Nikko to the curb last season?

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To enjoy our website, you’ll need to enable JavaScript in your web browser. Please click here to learn how. It was previously reported by MediaTakeOut. It is said that he had married her to give her US citizenship. There are now reports; however, that the two are deeply in love and had only broken up when Nikko realized that he could get to the VH1 reality show through dating Mimi Faust. Mimi posted in her twitter account and talked about the many mistakes she had committed by trusting Nikko.

She said, “At this point I don’t believe anything that comes out of his mouth. I made some stupid, idiotic and impulsive decisions and I own that.

Her Source | Love & Hip Hop Atlanta-Season Three, Episode Seven “The Past, My A**” Recap

This episode is so juicy and scandalous that it was worth watching. Mimi and Dawn are still determined to know if Stevie J and Joseline are married. Things get tense between Joseline and Tammy as she was telling people about Joseline fashion shoot for a magazine. This week, things were turnt up with a capital T as secrets are exposed and liars are afraid of the truth.

Season Reunion Special “Stevie J, Mimi, Margeaux, and Nikko face off at the reunion” Lil scrappy-dating bambi-b-the jasmine brand Where Is The Love.

The series has a large ensemble cast. Over eight seasons, 15 people have appeared in the opening credits as leading cast members. The show features a sprawling supporting cast , with 63 people credited as “additional cast” or “featured” in the show’s end credits. These secondary cast members appear in green screen confessional segments and for the most part have the same amount of screen time and storyline focus as the show’s main cast members. Over the years, several supporting cast members have been upgraded to lead.

She moved to Miami, Florida with her family at the age of six. During this time, she was arrested in and under the name Shenellica Bettencourt, for lewd and lascivious behavior. Joseline is introduced as an aspiring rapper and recording artist under Stevie’s management. It is eventually revealed that the two are sexually involved after Joseline finds herself pregnant, and decides to have an abortion.

This revelation breaks up Stevie’s relationship with his girlfriend Mimi, igniting a feud between the two women that would last for the rest of series’ run. Joseline and Stevie’s intense yet volatile relationship deepens in season two , with Joseline tearfully proposing to Stevie during a trip to Puerto Rico.

Stevie accepts but gives a second ring to Mimi, humiliating Joseline and causing her to lash out violently. At the start of season three , she and Stevie claim to have secretly eloped months prior, much to the skepticism of the other cast members.

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She brought Erica (her son Scrappy’s distant ex) with Bambi (his most recent ex) for a wedding Margeaux talks more about divorcing Nikko Smith. She also reveals she’s dating someone else but doesn’t reveal who he is. ***.


‘Love & Hip Hop Atlanta’ recap: season 4, episode 15


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Margeaux Drops A Bomb On Nikko and His Mom


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